home alone no I think you mean les mis starring me

Aug 20 22:15 ( 2632 )
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Aug 19 21:50 ( 23272 )


Preview #2 of our big surprise

Aug 19 21:47 ( 286 )


marvel actors fangirling over other marvel actors

Aug 19 21:45 ( 49530 )


And I would have gotten away with it too if it weren’t for you meddling kids and your talking dog

Aug 19 21:43 ( 88164 )


ok but what if obama did the ice bucket challenge and nominated kim jong un

Aug 19 21:42 ( 564 )

today i met this really cute boy and we talked 5eva and i caught him staring at me during class so by the time i got to marching band practice after school i was fucking pumped so i run into stretch block and scream “i talked to a hot boy today and he talked back” and everyone in the band slow-clapped for me

Aug 19 21:42 ( 8 )

Can you help, Wanda?

- Of course we can, Billy. We know exactly how to deal with this.

Aug 18 0:36 ( 768 )


To the aliens out there: I’m ready to go, I’ve got snacks and everything so just idk beam me up whenever man

Aug 18 0:34 ( 84 )
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so a few days ago i was in my last class of the day and i went to change into my clothes for marching band and i put on my sportsbra and junk so i was carrying my regular bra back to class under my old clothes and my teacher was coming in behind me and as i was walking in my bra got caught on the door handle and freaking hung there and neither of us knew what to do so we just stared at it and the whole class erupted into laughter

Aug 18 0:33 ( 7 )